A "street team" is a concept originally developed by record labels as a way to connect with their target audiences using personal interactions and word-of-mouth marketing. Street teams were comprised of people who loved the product they were promoting and weren't afraid to tell any and everyone about it. In most cases, participants were compensated with tickets to concerts and free band merchandise. MTM STREET is something like that-except you can get PAID.


For every referral you convert into a sale, you'll receive a 20% commission of that sale price. So, very simply, if you sell an $800 wedding package, you in turn receive $160. Here's how it works: you sign up for MTM STREET below, and, once approved, you'll receive a custom MTM STREET code specific to you. When you refer a potential customer to us, leave them your code; when they contact us and give us your code, we'll mark your commission and when we get paid, so do you. You can use your own word-of-mouth or you can purchase marketing materials from us to assist you in your advertising. All you need to sign up is a go-getter attitude and a PayPal account (that's how we'll get your money to you). There's no fee to sign up, so there's nothing to lose. Give it a go!




MTM STREET isn't just for individuals: if you own a business and think partnering up with MTM Media & Communications LLC could be mutually beneficial, then contact us at info@mtmcomm.com. We'd love to talk with you.

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