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Video Ad Creation

From video recording/editing, distribution, and Facebook Ad Campaign creation. We've got you covered.

  • Video Ads (Editing Only Pricing)

    • 30 sec ads: $125 (2.5 hours)

    • 1-2 min ads: $200 (3.5 hours)

    • 3-5 min ads: $350 (6 hours)

    • You get 3 versions of your Ad included in each price point. 

      • Facebook (1:1)

      • Youtube/TV (16:9)

      • Instagram (4:5)

    • You also get 2 thumbnails. One optimized for Youtube and the other for Facebook

    • Included in the editing is 

      • Color Correction

      • Audio Cleanup and Enhancement 

      • Music

      • Captions (for the Facebook and Instagram versions of your video)

    • We’ll also write up a description for your video ad for you to post along with your video on social media. 

    • We’ll also give you a list of suggested hashtags to use for the Youtube and Instagram versions of your video. 

  • Facebook Ad Campaign Services 

    • To research, set up, and monitor your Facebook campaign: $150 (3 hours)*

    • * (in addition to your selected video ad pricing)

    • * (Does not include cost to run your campaign)

    • * (A minimum of $5 a day for 30 days is suggested for best ROI. A total of $150)


  • Videos Ads (Shooting required)

    • We also offer video shooting services if you need help recording your footage as well.

    • Pricing for video shooting is dependent on the scale of your video ad and will be determined after a free consultation with the client. 

    • Everything included 

      • 4K and Full HD video recording

      • Professional Lighting 

      • We’ll help you write the script and come up with the concept if you need it. 

      • Professional Audio Recording 

      • Directing on-screen talent

*If your video ad requires full production from pre-production, casting actors, location scouting, etc, it will require a free consultation to determine pricing and logistics. 

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